Sales Consulting

Sales Consulting & Sales Management Consulting


At Dufek & Associates, we know that sales challenges can create a myriad of issues for your organization. Whether these challenges stem from an underperforming sales team, antiquated sales practices, or simply a knowledge gap between your company and your clients, we can help.

Failure to implement and adhere to best sales practices can create challenges for your business, for example:

  • Lost sales opportunities
  • Poor servicing of existing clients
  • Clients choosing to do business elsewhere

All of the above challenges can ultimately lead to lost revenue. With over 40 years’ experience in direct sales, sales management, and consulting, we understand these issues and are prepared to work with you to overcome such difficulties.

Your sales process is one of the most vital elements to running a successful business. When we work with your organization, one of our first objectives will be to learn the specifics of your industry, your sales process and cycle, and best practices that both your organization and others have implemented.

Among the services we offer are:

  • Management Advisory – understanding what challenges your organization faces from a sales standpoint, and assisting you in overcoming them is our goal. Time spent with your leadership team learning the specifics of these challenges will establish a plan specific to your needs.
  • Direct Sales Consulting – our success is measured by your team’s performance. Increased sales can only be achieved by determining the best approach for your industry and adhering to that approach.
  • Sales Process Review – we often find companies have a sales process in place that is outdated. Recently we have seen stark changes in the practices of B2B and B2C purchasers. Buyers are significantly more technologically savvy than ever, and a modern sales model must acknowledge the consumers’ prowess. We will evaluate your sales process and work with you to tweak your model in order to optimize it for buyers today.
  • Sales Performance Review – we evaluate the performance of every member of your sales team, looking from an unbiased standpoint to determine strengths, weaknesses, and areas for potential improvement.
  • Sales Training – our professional sales consultants have years of experience in learning new industries, understanding what end users want, and tailoring sales processes to fulfill those needs. Let us assist you in onboarding and training your sales team to perform at the highest levels, helping you exceed your growth and revenue goals.