CFO Services

Can't afford, don't need, or don't want a full-time CFO? Dufek & Associates brings the talent pool of a seasoned CFO at a fraction of the cost. Often business owners who have competent Controllers or Bookkeepers need a liaison to reach to the level of a Chief Financial Officer. Let us provide those services in the following areas:

  • Oversight of total accounting and finance functions
  • Renegotiation of bank or alternative financing for business
  • Interface with bankers, attorneys, and other outside parties
  • Assistance in providing Management Discussion and Analysis of current financial information
  • Filling Treasury function
  • Review and renegotiation of insurance coverage, deductibles, and overall cost
  • Assuming the 'Acting CFO' role temporarily, or part-time on a longer term basis
  • Recruiting for and hiring a full-time CFO
  • Restructure and turnaround